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2 25-second clip of the actual paddling, -- nited tates news item on controversy over woman who came into classroom and whipped her nephew 2007.

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-- nited tates ikey etting addled, 1 number of students get the ruler on the hand, 5 nother short take on the emple story, 4 secondary boy gets a brisk paddling at the teachers desk, -- nited tates hree school paddling news items from arch 2010.

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-- nited tates wo spanking machines, -- nited tates ourt upholds parental spanking, -- nited tates hree news reports 2006 about school paddling, 8 succession of boys and girls are punished with a ruler on the hands, even though she gave permission for it, aided by the ustralian government, 8 anings in the schoolyard, 11 ive teenagers bend over a chair for a light paddling, 1 wo boys at a hristian school receive one stroke of the cane each, -- nited ingdom ring back the cane feature in two parts ctober 2008 about the implications of a survey which found that 20 of ritish teachers would still like to have corporal punishment brought back in schools.

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11 17 mid-teen students in a mass classroom caning, -- hailand ight clips of mixed boysgirls secondary school punishments, 2 25-second clip of the actual paddling.

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-- ndonesia nofficial public whippings -- two clips, -- nited tates wo news reports from eptember 2010 about school paddling1 school district in orth arolina is amending its spanking policy.

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-- nited tates tudy panking may not be all bad for children, 3 mass caning of nine students at a secondary technical school, -- fghanistan logged for adultery, he district superintendent is interviewed, 7 very brief glimpse of a hard paddle swat administered at a private atholic boys high school in ouisiana, a school accidentally paddles a boy whose mother had opted him out of, -- ingapore news broadcast from 1994 on the vandalism case involving ichael ay but also, lso an ustralian news item about the controversy excited by the case.

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12 wo high-school students paddled by their lady teacher in a neutral atmosphere, private school is closing down, ec 2012 wo young men are paraded before cameras on the courtroom steps after being sentenced to strokes of the rotan for rape and robbery, -- nited tates nterview with a emphis teacher, has become less common but some parents still favour it, 5 nother short take on the emple story, -- nited tates et more from emphis, -- hailand video of the caning of a boy in front of his class which attracted media attention in 2013, 3 wo high-school students contrast sharply in the way they take a five-stroke classroom caning, -- hina lassroom canings leven clips.

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His case is from ennessee, 4 wo one-swat high-school paddlings briefly glimpsed, 3 nti- agitators try to stir up controversy outside a emphis charter school that paddles.

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2 caning is glimpsed through a classroom window, -- nited tates labama father complains his sons school paddlings were excessive, 2 video report on the state of school in entucky, 1 eptember 2007 ational serviceman ave eo.

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Egment from a daytime chat show 2007 discussing a survey which found that many parents would like to see corporal punishment reintroduced in schools, -- aiwan igh-school baseball coach severely punishes team members, 3 12 strokes with a whip are administered to a culprit lying flat on the ground, ight be staged as a stunt, a young woman tries out various different sneakers with which to punish her boyfriend across the seat of his boxers, -- fghanistan logged for adultery, 3 high-school student receives a firm paddling at the front of the class, mproved version5 wo younger girls are given light-hearted taps with a cane, -- yriaraq hippings by insurgent forces, of army lads discussing the choice between taking a caning and being confined to barracks.

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2 art of the yariah caning of a woman is shown, 1 wo boys at a hristian school receive one stroke of the cane each, wo short news reports ec 2007 on a move by hio legislators to outlaw school paddling, -- outh frica aning of high-school girls, s transient bruising bodily harm3 ocus on ennessee, 2 mass caning of eight senior boys in a jocular atmosphere, -- nited tates our news stories from ay 2010 about school paddling1 teacher in allas, ov 2008 exas woman complains about her sons paddling at school, -- ingapore eal-life footage of four formal, 6 senior student bends over a table to receive 30 moderate paddle swats.

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And of the offender being carried away afterwards, -- aiwan igh-school baseball coach severely punishes team members, 2 boy faces the blackboard to be punished with what looks like a ruler.

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-- raq enior school students strapped on the hands, he labama tate ar finds evidence that he is a sexual predator but on camera he denies everything, -- nited tates eal school paddlings caught on camera, -- nited tates roposal to ban spanking in assachusetts, 5 light-hearted whack with a belt for two boys, he implement used might be the schools real paddle, -- nited tates news report ar 2013 about a boys paddling at a private school in ississippi, 2 n upper secondary student receives two hard strokes of the cane in front of his class, n the dormitory of a boarding school in onga, -- nited tates wo news reports from eptember 2010 about school paddling1 school district in orth arolina is amending its spanking policy.

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Une 2007 emphis school board meeting at which concerns are expressed over the consequences of abolishing, 3 enior schoolboys caned at a boarding school, 2 everal students are seen being punished in a schoolyard in zad ashmir, 2 boy in army uniform bends over to be caned, 1 ive secondary students receive a routine paddling in a corridor, he clip includes interviews with a mother whose daughter saw the spanking and with a school district spokesman, first menstruation rite-of-passage ceremony for girls in enezuela, 5 arly 2015 kneeling boy is publicly whipped, an 2012 other complains about school paddling of her son.

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Ne middle school that reinstated found its attendance rates rose significantly, which provoked a media storm locally, a man punishing his son in his garden attracts the attention of prying neighbors, who have taken control of parts of both countries, -- nited tates wo spanking machines, feature paddled boys and their complaining mothers, -- nited tates report une 2007 from hattanooga, and the reporter waves a paddle around for the camera, 4 secondary boy undergoes a two-stroke caning in front of his classmates.

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-- hile nofficial pants-down whipping for teenage thieves, -- outh frica eport on illegal school, -- ingapore wo videos on the soldier with gun affair, complains about her sons paddling at school, -- udan ublic whipping of a woman for wearing trousers 2010, actual footage of one of the beltings caught on camera.

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5 oys and girls queue up on arriving at school to be caned on the seat for lateness, ome readers may find these scenes distasteful or harrowing, -- ussia wo young weightlifters punished for smoking, -- nited tates hree news reports, -- nited tates ideo report ct 2013 on school paddling in ennessee, 2 orporal punishment alive and well in a district of south-west eorgia, 2 hree olish rmy officers are initiated in a mass belting session.

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1 eorgia mother complains about the paddling of her daughter, 2 man and a woman are seen being publicly flogged for adultery 2012, -- nited tates wo news reports tied to archive news for eb 2009, 2 art of the yariah caning of a woman is shown, a service which it turned out they were happy to provide, 2 3-minute report ug 2009 gives background to the case, -- nited tates eal school paddlings caught on camera, one in exas and one in orth arolina.

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