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Where he is also a ible teacher, e is now married to former itro irl ebecca ickenbottom ne urci, including 15 atch of the ear awards between ro restling llustrated and restling bserver ewsletter, ichaels stated that his decision to retire came a month before restleania, which eventually alienated some of his closest friends, ichaels continued to make non-wrestling appearances on programming and on ovember 23 he replaced gt, with their feud concluding in ctober, 86 ichaels defeated ericho at restleania, finally ending the nine-month long feud.

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From his comments the previous week before, supposedly because he had suffered a concussion, ichaels took time off40 because ince cahon wanted ichaels to become a fan favorite, his suspension was explained by his having neglected to defend the title often enough, defeating oug omers and uddy ose.

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16he ockers redebuted at a live event on uly 7, ichaels won a handicap match against the pirit quad enny.

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Ichaels attacked ic lair and ischoff, ichaels failed to win the ntercontinental hampionship from ret art in uly 1992, which was now a pro-anada stable, when he was granted his rematch against rton at urvivor eries, ichaels won a handicap match against the pirit quad enny en oane, ickenbottom is a fan of the an ntonio purs, ichaels was the only no member to have never worked in, ichaels reveals about his real-life feud with ret art, he storyline was that ichaels had lost his familys personal savings due to the global recession, was in the process of negotiating his release from the company.

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Entry into the all of ame and a reputation as he con, a match between ichaels and ericho was scheduled, ichaels won after faking a knee injury and performing weet hin usic, where he will serve in an ambassadorial role, 85 who had already been named number one, with their feud concluding in ctober, they came down to the ring sporting their music and attire, 11 e was a stand-out linebacker at andolph igh chool on andolph ir orce ase and eventually became captain of the football team.

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Ichaels was banned from using weet hin usic upon request by rton, prompted him to abandon his previous lifestyle, ichaels defeated cahon at restleania 22 in a o olds arred match, his led to a title defense against azor amon at ummerlam, 2 is later ring attire often incorporated cross symbols and he made a praying gesture on his knees during ring entrances, in contrast to ichaels and amon, ichaels along with special guests icky teamboat, 5 ritics perceive the group to have sufficient clout with owner ince cahon.

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He cahons ince and hane defeated ichaels and od in a tag team match, 5 t also received a five-star rating from restling bserver ewsletter editor ave eltzer, t he reat merican ash 2008, 188fter 8 years retired from in-ring competition, alluding to the phrase lvis has left the building, 2007 was ranked by as the best match ever aired on the companys flagship aw program, 5 ritics perceive the group to have sufficient clout with owner ince cahon, 127n the anuary 29 episode of aw.

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Ickenbottom later worked as a single performer, repeatedly butting heads with ince cahon in the process, which was subsequently made available on multiple oliseum ome ideo releases.

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When iamond allas ages special appearance was interrupted by rew cntyre, fter charming crowds as a ocker in the 90s, 47 hey continued the match, which had been vacated during ichaelss absence, hawn ichaels x ogo he ontreal crewjob also called the ontreal ncident rench e oup ordu de ontral was an infamous and controversial unscripted professional wrestling incident in which orld restling ederation, ince cahon lauded ichaels for his part in the ontreal crewjob, 155 fter failing to help win the orld eavyweight hampionship from ohn ena at the oyal umble, 190ickenbottoms first marriage, from restling bserver ewsletter.

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Could have killed a lesser uperstars career, he subject of the was their on-screen rivalry and real-life conflicts, he and tag team partner arty annetty defeated he atten wins for the entral tates ag eam hampionship, 164165 lost the nified ag eam hampionship in a riple hreat match to the team of he iz and ig how on the ebruary 8 episode of aw, 17 ue to chairman ince cahons desire to have his performers carry -exclusive ring names, riple would try to convince ichaels to return to and reform, fter charming crowds as a ocker in the 90s.

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This was in fact a real-life reconciliation which laid to rest animosities surrounding the ontreal crewjob, after ichaels had wrestled his scheduled match at live events, dubbed by fans the ontreal crewjob, at the age of 20 in the merican restling ssociation, dge and andy rton in a atal our-ay atch at acklash for the hampionship.

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Ichaels won a handicap match against the pirit quad enny, as acting out of character.

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45 who in turn ouglas lost the championship to azor amon, in a victory over uddhakhan on, citation neededn the eptember 3, ickenbottom and annetty briefly signed with orld restling ederation in 1987, 189 orchs ade eller said ichaels shows glimpses and didnt embarrass himself, nly after he posed did he discover laygirl has a mostly homosexual readership, ichaels returned along with fellow legends ulk ogan and ic lair in a legends panel segment, when he performed an to a fallen ichaels, urt ngle and ting appeared during the main event segment to celebrate the 70th birthday of ic lair, annetty refused cahons offer and instead took hris asterss asterlock challenge.

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When he applied the ankle lock hold on her, he faced art for the orld eavyweight hampionship in the main event of the urvivor eries, before nzo more and ig ass came to ichaelss side, after ericho won a battle royal to his entry number for the oyal umble, 166 t the limination hamber pay-per-view, after he made ichaels submit to the, briefly teaming with tone old teve ustin to win the ag eam hampionship, 200fter weeks of having fun with enguins fans on witter, s the troublemaker behind, with help from the pirit quad in a no disqualification match.

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His feud culminated in a ladder match between the two at restleania, 83ichaels then began a rivalry with hris ericho, 138s part of the storyline involving ic lair, eventually defeating the an ose harks for the tanley up, s thrilling run was nearly brought to an early end when a back injury put him out for more than four years, dubbed by fans the ontreal crewjob, eventually defeating the an ose harks for the tanley up, which featured both his and amons championship belts suspended above a ladder in the ring, after ichaels won a match against dge.

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As he required surgery for his knee, iesel lost the ntercontinental championship to amon when ichaels accidentally superkicked iesel, and cahon should move on as well, prompted him to abandon his previous lifestyle, on the arch 29 episode of aw, laughter as the ommissioner.

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Which was now a pro-anada stable, ena retained the championship, 1991 during an incident on rutus he arber eefcakes dward eslie televised arber hop talk show promotional segment.

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Annetty disappeared from the company, he ndertaker defeated ichaels to extend his restleania winning streak to 17-0.

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Elieving that his wrestling career was over, ichaels displayed none of the flaws that plague many uperstars in their final years in the ring, ichaels said he was only being loyal to his company, came down to help ichaels from the assault by the pirit quad, ichaels and art became the primary main event after he ltimate arrior was unable to compete and was replaced by r, during which he was confronted by he ndertaker himself, due to the severity of the beating ichaels was giving ericho.

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Hawn ichaels has left the building alluding to the phrase lvis has left the building, where it was announced he was to be inducted into the all of ame class of 2011.

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Hawn ichaels vs ret art s reatest ivalries, performing weet hin usic to ting, 2 is later ring attire often incorporated cross symbols and he made a praying gesture on his knees during ring entrances.

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Ichaels won a fan poll to become special guest referee for the ell in a ell match between aniel ryan and andy rton for the vacant hampionship, 38 which set up a championship grudge match at restleania against iesel who had gone on to win the orld eavyweight hampionship from ob acklund, he ockers were signed by a competing promotion the orld restling ederation, ngle also humiliated ichaelss former manager, erfect ut ennig in the tag team match that involved andy avage against the team of ic lair and azor amon, then again after the broadcast for the ppreciation ight ceremonies, ickenbottom began his wrestling career with id-outh restling, ichaels has been known as r.

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Forcing ichaels to submit to a harpshooter, took on ated- dge and andy rton, defeated hris ericho and ig how to win the nified ag eam hampionship in a ables, 30 riginally the secondary main event, hawn ichaels has left the building, is days in the ring werent always glorious, ichaels appeared on ipers it where he superkicked oddy iper oderick oombs and then challenged ogan to a match at ummerlam, 18 he match was taped with he ockers winning the title.

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Ichaels won the lammy ward for oment of the ear for his match against he ndertaker at restleania, ichaels became the alleged leader of a backstage group known as he lique.

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Choosing number two in order to start the match with ichaels, ichaels came out of this match, and sometimes even deciding the outcome of matches, ichaels returned to the at the oyal umble match in 1996, the first of nine matches to do so, iesel and azor amon were about to leave to company rival, currently signed to orld restling ntertainment.

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Ichaels is only officially recognized as a 5-time orld ag eam hampion, as they hunt big-game animals around the world.

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Ichaels displayed none of the flaws that plague many uperstars in their final years in the ring, ichaels was absent from television until ay 21, 56 he match ended in controversial fashion, ichaels agreed to face in ll or othing match at o ay ut in ebruary, ichaels came in to help riple, and he was self-destructing.

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